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Adjunct Professor Educational Leadership
DATE:   10/17/2019
JOB TITLE:   Adjunct Professor Educational Leadership
LEVEL:   Adjunct
TITLE OF IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:   Chair, Department of Leadership Studies


Candidates for Certificates of Advanced Study in School Building Leadership and/or School District Leadership are required to take two educational leadership courses that involve an internship experience aligned to the NELP Standard Eight. The internship experience must a coordinated experience between a PK-12 school district and or BOCES and the University. The adjunct Clinical Supervisor Educational Leadership will serve as the University's field representative and will work directly with district personnel in assuring that candidates have authentic leadership experiences aligned to the NELP Standards. The Adjunct Clinical Supervisor Educational Leadership will serve on a semester-by-semester basis contingent upon enrollment.

  1. Work cooperatively with the Educational Leadership Coordinator to assure consistency of course requirement implementation.
  2. Follow established course requirements with each candidate.
  3. Be familiar with the NELP SBL and SDL Standards, including the required knowledge and performance components for each Standard.
  4. Process the course applications and internship plan to ensure that all requirements are addressed.
  5. Schedule and conduct introductory Canvas video-conference with each enrolled course candidate to review internship requirements and document individual circumstances.
  6. Schedule and conduct candidate and mentor Canvas video-conference to review internship requirements with the candidate's mentor and confirm all arrangements.
  7. Review each of four (4) scheduled submissions of each candidate's internship log to ensure activities are aligned to the NELP components, are accurately in duration, and that progression is taking place in a manner that will allow the candidate to finish the requirements and the course. 
  8. Facilitate any problems that may be occurring during the internship. Assist the candidate such that the internship is a positive experience.
  9. Review each of four (4) scheduled submissions of each candidate's required "reflections." Follow the standardized response format for processing the reflection, including given written guidance feedback to the candidate. 
  10. Keep master files for each candidate that includes all communications, internship applications, internship plans, reflections, and responses.
  11. Schedule and conduct a mid-semester Canvas video-conference with the candidate and the candidate's mentor in any case where the candidate is falling behind in logged hours or otherwise appears to be struggling.
  12. Schedule and conduct four (4) internship Seminars, of a minimum of one and one-half hour each, utilizing Canvas video- conferencing on professional leadership topics that are timely and of immediate value to the interns. No Seminar should be with more than 15 candidates. Multiple sessions may be required.
  13. Schedule and conduct final evaluation Canvas video-conferences with each candidate's mentors. Conferences should be one-to-one with the mentor.
  14. Review the Final Portfolio submission for each candidate. Ensure that all required work is complete and that it meets the basic requirements for a grade of "Satisfactory." 
  15. Forward all completed Mentor Evaluations with the College's Assessment Coordinator.
  16. Enter the final grade for each candidate in the Niagara University Web Advisor Grade System.
  17. Follow-up on any candidate that receives a grade of "Incomplete." When work is complete, file the necessary grade change form.
  18.  Provide the Coordinator of Educational Leadership
  19.  with the individual file folder for each candidate once a final grade is issued.
  20. Consult with the Coordinator of Educational Leadership regularly in a proactive way to avoid potential field-based issues.


NYS certified SBL/SDL (SDA) experienced school leader at both the building and district level to serve as a clinical field supervisor for fifteen(15) SBL and SDL candidates. Must be able to conduct off-site video conferencing, and be available at variable times both day and early evenings. Knowledge of NELP Standards and availability for multiple semesters preferred. Applicants should forward a resume and letter of interest to Dr. Mills, Chair, Department of Leadership Studies at jmills@niagara.edu.

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